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Captain's command: Codename 24

Årskurs 1 - Lund

Klassiskt Spaceshooter, med inslag av Bullet hell. Detta är en demoversion och innehåller endast 1 bana.
Story: Victoria de la Valliére has always adored Jupiter. In her youth, she could spend hours just gazing at the sky with her telescope. It was always the red giant that caught her eyes. On her eighth birthday, Victoria wished that the planet became hers. When her parent told her that is was impossible, she was devastated. The Jupiterians, inhabitors of Jupiter, would never allow their planet to be owned by anyone. Angered by the hopeless situation, she ran away from home. Ten years later, Victoria reappears as the captain of the ship "The Stargazer". She has now declared war against the Jupiterians. They are the only obstacle on her quest to achieve the impossible, to steal Jupiter.

Gruppens Medlemmar

Simon Jern

Simon Johansson

Anna-marie Sison