Skapa Konto


Årskurs 1 - Göteborg


A truly fun and difficult platformer where you, the player plays as a dangerous hacker trying to infiltrate the computers of the ruthless authoritarian regime.
You take control of a virus named "Binary" programmed by you a long time ago. 
As you go through the files of the corrupt government with your fully voice acted AI companion you have to evade all the tough and resistant firewalls put up by the government to guard their secrets.
You have been appointed by the rebel leader Ailis Teagan to lead the fight against the government in cyberspace. 
So onwards to glory and help the rebels crush the terrorizing regime.


Game Producer: Leroy Joweihan

Lead Programmer: Samuel Granfeldt

Programmer: Elis Bang

Level Design: Elis Bang, Samuel Granfeldt & Felix Edrud

Writing: Elis Bang

Voice Actor: Rasmus Hindmalm

Graphic Design: Paulina Holmblad, Emilia Amirshashi Holmberg

Sound Design/Music Production: Leroy Joweihan 

Gruppens Medlemmar

Emilia Amirshahi

Elis Bang

Felix Edrud

Samuel Granfeldt

Rasmus Hindmalm

Paulina Holmblad

Leroy Joweihan