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Spacecode Atlas

Årskurs 3 - Nyköping

My name is Fredrik Linde, also known as Gear Freak, and I'm a third year student on the game design program at LBS Nyköping. Spacecode Atlas is my final year project; a 2D platformer prototype built in Unity. It simply started off as a mere goal to learn the basics in Unity, but quickly evolved into a smaller prototype with simple gameplay mechanisms. With inspiration from games such as Risk of Rain and The Lost Vikings, I managed to create a multi-tasking gameplay with smaller puzzle elements. The project group includes me and fellow programmer David Rannaleet.

Set on a moon beyond radars and constellations, the player takes on the role as the Martian Atlas in his quest to find a lost artifical intelligence in the ruins of Alyssian. Atlas is accompanied by his own personal drone and the player will control these characters with both the keyboard and mouse.The goal of the game is to reach the exit in the upper right corner of the level with as many space souls as possible before the time runs out.

Basic controls are briefly specified within the game but I'll include a small list of all controls:

WSAD = Move Atlas around

Space = Jump

Mouse = Aim Drone crosshair

Right Mouse Button = Call Drone

Left Mouse Button = Fire Drone Cannons

X = Switch character

P = Pause game

R = Restart

E = Pickup objects (Press again to release)

Escape = Quit game (Only at ending screen)

Link to official page:

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