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A Call From Sea

Årskurs 1 - Göteborg

The world as we knew it will never be the same again. An unknown plaque hit the world’s core and destroyed its resilience. The world received its name “The old world”. 
You follow the story of the childhood long friends Elice and George. They grew up together in “Miss Clarity’s orphanage” in Boston and they never left. One a clear day a mystique man in rags told Elice and George about “The new world” and that a boat at the shore is closing in for take-off. 
Throughout their adventure to reach “the new world” they meet a lifesaving friend and encounter countless of dangerous enemies and an unknown species.
Are you ready?

Spelet är skapat i Unity Engine och är en 2D action- platformer.

Vårat team heter DUX studios och våra uppgifter är:

Jesper Andersson: Programering

Fredric Hellborg: Programering, leveldesign

John Wallgren: Bakrunder

Emelie Stilland: Animation, pixel art

Josefine Stiland: Object och concept art, animation

Rasmus Hindmalm: Producer, Programmering


Gruppens Medlemmar

Rasmus Hindmalm