Skapa Konto

The quest for the golden kitten

Årskurs 2 - Kristianstad

Playing Super Mario Bros 3 by yourself is really fun.

But when you're sitting in that couch all alone with a bag of crisps, have you ever thought to yourself :

"How fun it would be to play this game in Co-op".

Well you can't! However, our game, Quest for the Golden Kitten has just what you are looking for.  

You and your friend will together pursue the legendary treasure the "Golden Kitten". 

In order to retrieve this artifact, you must solve puzzles, deactivate fire-traps, dodge darts, and jump on eachothers head's.

Make sure to stop by at our devlog: http://

Here you can follow the development process of our game, and leave feedback as well!


Gruppens Medlemmar

Emil Maris

David Persson

Ermin Pivac

Joel Zettergren