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Wizard Arena

Årskurs 2 - Kristianstad

This game is all about having fun with your friends, you can play 2 - 4 players. And you will be playing as a wizard against other wizards.
The wizards will be able to fire projectiles and also block projectiles. You can choose to play tactical or full savage, it's up to the player! While playing you can pick up special items spread
through out the map, and it will give you a  special boost for example speed boost(makes you faster for a short period), ultra attack (deals more damage then orddenary projectiles) and damage boost (makes you projectils a bit stronger).
We have included 3 gamemodes (may be more)  nr1. free for all (each kill gives you a point. and you have to reach a certan number to win), nr2 last man stading(the last player thats alive wins the round), and nr3 team death match.

10 / 10 - my mother
4.5 / 5 - haters

Shahriar Chegini

Kelly Farrell
Lucas Elofsson
Jonathan Green


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Kristoffer Krupa