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Fallen Eagle

Årskurs 1 - Jönköping

Take command of a Soviet IS-2 tank and take back your freedom from the Nazi war machine.

In Fallen Eagle you will be able to play as an infantryman, pilot or a tank commander. The story is in the Germans point of view since we saw that as unique and not many people are willing to explore the Nazi view of the Second World War.
The game is a 3D fps shooter.

You control the game with a keyboard and mouse, WASD to move Mouse1 to fire and use the mouse to rotate the tank tower. This build of Fallen Eagle requires at least 2 people for most enjoyment since it’s a multiplayer fps. The art style and models are made simplistic to reduce lag and increase performance on older a pc and to get the most frames per second for most enjoyment. The 3 best technical parts  are the Multiplayer and sync (Networking), shooting and a day and night cycle. Fallen Eagle is made by Kangarouse Studios.

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Kangarouse Studios Dev Team:

Gruppens Medlemmar

Pontus Engberg

Victor Matisic

Anton Åkesson