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Below The Surface

Årskurs 1 - Nyköping

The story begins with you, the protagonist, getting thrown into a cold and dark cell. You don’t remember anything, not your past, not even the reason as why you’re here, but you have a feeling that you don’t belong in this place.
You begin your escape at the bottom floor of this underwater prison, having to battle anyone who stands in your way. The more you fight the stronger you realize you really are and you quickly require fragments of your past. 

“Below the Surface” is an unforgiving Sci-Fi 2D RPG with turn based combat. You will be able to level up by fighting opponents, adding followers to your party, equip yourself with different kinds of armor, interact with NPCs
and more! We wanted the game to be challenging so we didn’t think that random encounters was enough. We also implemented permanent death which means that if you die, you will have to begin all over again.

We started working on this project about 2 weeks before the deadline. If we would have had more time we would have added more levels, bosses etc. This is why we wouldnt call this a finished game, rather like a beta (or something like that).

Maja Rosenfågel
Love Rasmussen
Martin Karlsson
Mathias Tidblad

Linus Harrström
Erik Jonasson
Jakob Fernqvist
Tobias Heura

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Jakob Fernqvist

Love Rasmussen

Maja Rosenfågel