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Zombie House Defender

Årskurs 1 - Borås

This game is a 2D platform zombie shooter. The zombies have broken into your house and you must defend it! Survive the continuous onslaught of the zombie horde. 

An apocalypse has taken place in the city you are living in and you decide to stand your ground and fight for your home. Zombies drop coins and ammo so you can continue to kill zombies. Sometimes you will have the luck to get an extreme amount of coins from one single zombie. When you reach a certain score you will get to the next level which is currently in a forest, the horde was too much so you had to flee into the woods. Your house got 3 floors, but the top floor was ruined after the apocalypse. The other 2 floors are free for you to use to try avoiding the zombies and get to a better advantage point.

Gruppens Medlemmar

Max Fredriksson

Melina Karlsson

Louise Oleander

Cecilia Sundberg