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Årskurs 3 - Göteborg

LFDEJTRR Studios | All Rights Reserved ©

A third person RPG with a high difficulty threshold and an open world. The game is supposed to have an interesting story and different ending depending on which side you stand with.
The game takes place in a gothic medieval fantasy environment, the general setting is gothic but it depends on where you are during the gameplay, It features a big environment which gives you the ability to free roam and explore.


The gameplay, especially the combat is inspired by the Dark Souls franchise, in the way that you have aggressive enemies and a mistake can cost you your life. From the player's standpoint, you have a lock on so that you can direct your attacks to a specific target. The goal of the game is to either re-seal a dark being or you can choose to help this being to be released, the choices you make are intended to have an effect on the world as well as your character such as helping this being can cause your armor to darken. One of the biggest obstacles is supposed to be the difficulty of the game and at times there might be puzzles requiring you to think to clear the obstacle or die a horrible death. The best way to overcome the obstacles is by learning from your mistakes.

Game Specification:

Title: Judgement
Engine: Unity 5
Genre: Action role-playing

Mode: Single-Player
Platform: PC
Release: LBS Game Awards 2017 Exclusive


LFDEJTRR Studios™ consists of: 

Leroy Joweihan (Game Producer, Lead Game Designer, Sound Designer & Composer)

Felix Edrud (Lead Game Writer, Game Designer)

David Björkberg (Lead Programmer, Game Designer)

Toma Misho (Programmer & Voice Acting)

Rijad Ramizi (Programmer)

Emelie Stiland (UI Designer, Concept Artist)

Jakob Åsberg (Level Designer)

Romario Josefsson (Voice Acting & 3d Artist [Weapon Design])

Rasmus Hindmalm (Voice Acting)

Fredric Hellborg (Video Editing & Cutscenes)

Gruppens Medlemmar

David Björkberg

Fredric Hellborg

Rasmus Hindmalm

Romario Josefsson

Leroy Joweihan

Felix Edrud

Toma Misho

Rijad Ramizi