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Årskurs 1 - Stockholm

"Something is in here... Something evil. people have been found dead all over the place. What is going on? 1/29/2024"

"Only a few of us are left... That... that thing... it it feels no pain... it can see in the dark, it can hear even the slightest breath... is it really human? 2/18/2024 "

"I hear something just outside. I am the only one left in here. If anyone finds this get out. get out! get out! get ou"

Project:Shelter is a hide and seek styled horror game, where your objective is to escape the building by powering up for generators, while simultaneusly avoiding a monster looking for you. The game scares you by both playing on your nerves with sounds and lightning, as well as jumpscaring you if you mess up.


Gruppens Medlemmar

Vendel Hällbrink

Alexander Lönnerblad

Simon Wikström