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Hillbilly Abraham:Saves planet Earth!

Årskurs 1 - Borås

Abraham McGee: The only redneck who gives a damn when the world is getting destroyed. Upon a sunny day, Abraham was laying on the back of his EPA tractor, a part of space debris crashed in the middle of the field he was at, well, he thought it was space debris anyways, he was so drunk he was hallucinating. So as he was thinking over the current situation, he came to the conclusion that it was best not to intervene with the debris till he had drank some more moonshine... Later on he stripped the debris of it's remaining parts and "modified" them onto his tractor, how he did it, is still a mystery. When he was done, he wanted to take a test drive. When he took to the skies, he thought it was weird that it was raining slime all over the car(drunk as he was). He not so quickly realised that the slime was draining his tractors power, and so he started shooting the clouds, which, when shot, exploded... From this point it's up to you too save earth, good luck!

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William Clifford

Johan Granlöf

Emil Pettersson