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Owen Rumble

Årskurs 2 - Stockholm

Owen Rumble is an easy to learn, casual fighting game. You can play with up to 4 players, and choose between five colorful characters. Brawl it out with your friends and family. Every match is unique with a selection of two game modes, 5 maps and dozens of powerful abilities. The key to victory in Owen Rumble is to knock your opponent(s) of the map, face down, while trying to not to fall off yourself. Every character has four unique skins that lets you and your friends to battle it out with your favorite looks for your favorite characters. The world of Owen Rumble is constantly growing with new maps, characters, skins and game modes, making it an addictive game for everyone.

Gruppens Medlemmar

Christopher Axelson

Erik Skog

Linus Öhman