Skapa Konto

Crimwood Carnage

Årskurs 2 - Helsingborg

Aid the obscure cause of a malevolent forest spirit as they combat their bond with the Crimson Woodlands and traverse the wilderness in a vicious march toward--well... whatever lies beyond the place of their origin. Whether it is curiosity or earnest outrage that ebbs them onward is up to you. Regardless; together you are bound to give rise to the greatest uprising since Crimwood earned its name.

Control the masked spirit Pin in this 2D side-scroller game of escape, evading the irate creatures of the forest and collecting riches on your way to untold greatness.


Gruppens Medlemmar

Konstantina Bouloutidou

Andreas Erenhall

Lisa Fors

Daniel Hansson

Kien Le

Elin Nilsson

Jonathan Runeke

Alexandra Tufvesson